Ga’bless us, every one

Friend Eric and blog regular Logan are Scrooge and Tiny Tim in this year’s production of A Christmas Carol. Over six years, Eric has become Scrooge to half a generation of local kids. But each year, the role of Tim is bestowed upon a different six or seven year old. And now it’s Logan’s turn. He didn’t inherit the role at all; he had to audition and perform both a monologue and a rehearsed song. There was competition. But – quite naturally for those of us who love him (and we are legion) – there was never any contest. He had to be Tim.

Last night our small city staged it’s annual Christmas parade – with 127 floats, costumes galore, music everywhere and lights, lights, lights.  Santa led things off  in the Budweiser carriage behind four magnificent Clydesdales.

I took  Logan and his mom out for some dinner early before costume call and we then spent a very long time at the float waiting for our start time.

Sometimes waiting is the best part.

4 responses to “Ga’bless us, every one

  1. Hey Moe! Sounds like a really good time. It is good to see. By the way, Moe…Are you in that picture?


  2. I did not think that you were, I did not recognize your face – but since I have only seen one or two pictures of you I wasn’t sure.


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