The Thanksgiving Classic

7 responses to “The Thanksgiving Classic

  1. Well, I do not know about turkeys, but chickens can fly for about 20 feet…I think.


  2. DUBAYOOO KAY AR PEE IN CIN-CI-NA-ATIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I remember it! Happy late Thanksgiving, Moe. Hope you had fun!


  3. I remember that episode. That was one of my favorite programs back then. 🙂


    • That Thanksgiving episode is still one of the funiest things I ever saw. Remember Les Nessman reporting live – “oh the tragedy . . .” God it was great.


  4. Ah. . . one of the classics QUOTING a classic: The Big Guy paraphrasing Scarlett O’Hara. Thanks for rolling this one out.

    Funny… I was looking at a knitting blog while ago and there was a photo of the wild turkeys that have descended on the blogger’s crabapple tree. I thought of this!


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