Get your season on!

The food was very fine, the company was even better – and I saw Christmas lights all the way home tonight. Dear elvis, let’s slow down please.

As for the poor benighted souls who now consider it their patriotic duty to trample each other at the malls and big box stores tomorrow –  I wish they’d consider a leisurely breakfast instead.

Meanwhile, I actually found myself thinking about some Christmas wreaths, and how to put lights on one of them, so it can hang on my new carport gate. Yikes. I haz met the enemy and it is me.

(Attention liberals: Don’t y’all forget to oil up your weapons – it’s nearly time for us to pick up those arms and go once again into the breach in  our never ending War on Christmas!)

10 responses to “Get your season on!

  1. Ba humbug, but I do have to say my pies tonight were outstanding!


  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Moe! 🙂


  3. Hey, it’s 5:22 and I’m on my way to Lowe’s to beat the rush. Merry Christmas!


  4. I’ve already got my game on for the War On Christmas (Bah. Humbug). It’s the Lame Duck Snark Session that I need to be eating my Wheaties for. Once upon a time, I believed in life before political blogging, but that’s all over now.


    • Welcome Nance – perhaps we should take up the cause of Jerry Seinfeld’s FESTIVUS! Yeah Festivus!


    • Nance – I was just over at Mature Landscaping and tried to post this in the thread about pain:

      I’m delighted you stopped at my place because it brought me here. I’m very admiring of your ability to write personally – on the few occassions when I do (but never deep personal things) it seems my comments triple. I suppose it’s the connection. I’ll be back – you and ‘Dog’ hang in there!

      BUT I CAN’T SEEM TO POST – I sign in assigning my Worpress URL, but can’t continue because a message keeps coming up saying “URL contains illegal characters”, in this case “(WordPress)” after my own URL, which seems to attach automatically. Have other commenters come across this?


  5. I agree, I have never and will never shop the day after TG. This was our holiday, the rest is blah…we buy what we need when we need it, and don’t bother with all this hoopla. Glad the meal went well! And I nearly forgot, I have to get our platoon together to begin our assaults on Christmas!


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