He did it

Tom DeLay convicted. By a jury of his peers under the American system of law. Bet he’s glad he got his turn on Dancing with the Stars before heading to the pokey.

Money laundering. (Tom was reinvesting national Republican money into local races in TX is my memory.)

8 responses to “He did it

  1. Don’t Gloat. Tom Delay…aka Albo Pest..( that was the name of his pest extermination business) and when I wrote about his K-Street Project, I always called him that …Albo Pest… it was like code.. it was fun.

    Anyway… Delay was the Kingfish of GOP thuggery. Changed politics in this country for the absolute worse. Whether he should do time…prison …you judge…should he be ostracized..absolutely.

    But don’t gloat.



    • DeLay was a sickness in our system. You are absolutely right that he changed politics for the worse. And the damage is still with us. And maybe I don’t know what gloat means – am I being a touch righteous myself to celebrate the fall of someone who was so frackin’ righteous. He talked Jesus all the time while pulling the business of the US Congress down into the gutter with him.

      Albo Pest. I like that. The worst part of his K-Street thuggery was that when he went, the system was institutionalized – all one party or all the other. Maybe a split congress can change that some.


  2. Dear Tom,
    You spent quite a few years helping create the mess we have in Congress now. You were unapologetic about the many despicable things you did and it seems your sheer arrogance may have been your downfall. I can only hope that your conviction will stand up to the appeal that will surely come next. If only those you obviously conspired with at the Congressional level had been indicted along with you we might have seen a large part of the Republican caucus join you in the exercise yard daily. You always thought you were above the law. I can only hope that you will be made to see that you were not.


    • Till the day he dies, DeLay will feel persecuted. Guys like him don’t bow down to the law and make amends.


    • Dear Jeff,
      You ever been in jail. You been in the joint. Done a bid. Don’t talk shit. Today’s conviction is tomorrows conspiracy. Delay is a dickhead. Why punk it. Let it percolate… don’t turn over the kettle. Less you… want to Tea Party.



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  4. And on another “they should all rot in jail” note…saw Fair Game last night. Those guys didn’t get what they deserved for the heinous crime they committed, and thousands and thousands of people died and are still dying because of those shitheads who thought they were more important than the truth.


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