Gobble gobble

I’m the designated maker of pies for Thanksgiving. Ingredients are now in-house, and I shall bake the pies – two of them- tomorrow morning. There will be pumpkin of course – made with black strap molasses. And there will be an apple – made with pears and cranberries and maybe some raisins.  Yummy yummy to y’all and gobble gobble too.

8 responses to “Gobble gobble

  1. Just stoppin’ by to wish you and yours a happy Thanksgiving Moe. You’re the best!


  2. And I’m stopping by to say can’t wait to taste the pies! See you soon.


  3. Parade noise finally subsided. Turkey smells wafting from the oven. . .does turkey work without hearing the parade? Wish I could smell the pies.


    • Pies smell good and last one comes out in about 10 minutes. This year, found the CBS does the parade too – unlike NBC, they actually TRUST THE PARADE, so instead of a bunch of staged numbers all in one spot, CBS shows the parade coming down the avenue. It was much better.

      Wish I could smell the turkey!


  4. Could smell the pies here…wish I had a taste. Next dinner…Thanksgiving over…now on to crazy season.


  5. shortbuswonderkid

    Mmmm, sounds good.


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