Republicans are right! These people need our help.

And the only way to help them is to lower their taxes! This is clearly an urgent matter and all of us should get aboard and advocate for them. The Republican Party was right; if only we’d listened!

H/T Drudge Retort:

Corporate Profits Were the Highest on Record Last Quarter


12 responses to “Republicans are right! These people need our help.

  1. So the rich got richer, the poor got poorer, and the middle class got wiped out. Now if only I could remember who ran Congress the last 4 years.


  2. *Sigh* I wish people would get it through their heads that it is financially impossible for them to have both government services and low taxes. If you want one, you cannot have the other. Deficits are noting to sneer at.


    • We do agree that deficits are nothing to sneer at and debt is increasingly something to be afraid of. But as you know, somehow in the last 30+ years it became downright unAmerican, antiChristian and unPatriotic to raise taxes anywhere anyhow for any reason at all. So fighting wars on borrowed money became okay. And providing Rx coverage for seniors without paying for it was okay. As much trouble as Medicare is in (and it is) there was at least a funding mechanism built into the original design. SS is really okay.


    • Absolutely. It wasn’t my intent to attack America’s social services; I just wanted to state that the things that society is demanding – increased government spending on all fronts without an increase in government revenue – is unrealistic at best. If people do not want taxes raised, there is only one financially viable option – either get the government to function more efficiently or cut spending (military spending included).

      It is getting weird that the notion of raising taxes has become heresy in public discourse. This isn’t isolated to America either; most of the Western world suffers from the same ‘magic wand’ delusion. And, like you stated, it is getting more than a little dangerous to run our governments’ budgets on foreign credit.


  3. Ms. Holland,

    I want to get this straight. The trouble with the disparity of incomes happened over 3 decades, so 4 years of Pelosi and Reid cannot be blamed. The whole economic mess happened over a long time and the hapless Democrats did not have enough time to fix it. Yet everything that went wrong during the 8 years of Bush was all poor George W.’s fault.


    • Here’s what went wrong in Bush’s years. He started two wars -one which he abandoned cuz he got a better offer and one that he mismanaged to our eternal shame. He didn’t cause the meltdown and to some extent he did the right thing when it happened. But the debt? He went to war, started an entire new entitlement program and cut taxes. What he did was insane. Don’t ever say “poor George W.”. You really don’t get who he really was. He was an oil man in the White House. A frat boy in charge. That’s what he was. And he did serious damage to this country.


  4. D.I.D.

    ” It is getting weird that the notion of raising taxes has become heresy in public discourse. This isn’t isolated to America either; most of the Western world suffers from the same ‘magic wand’ delusion. ”

    Socialism is the delusion. That you can endlessly raise taxes on the productive part of society to pay for endless entitlements and think that it has no harmful effects on economic growth. Western Europe has had 4 decades of soft socialism and is painfully coming to the conclusion that it is destructive to their societies. Barry Obama is moving the US towards the failed European model as the Europeans move away from it.


    • I didn’t say that you can endlessly raise taxes, nor did I say that “socialism is the answer”. What I said is that it is folly for people to demand more services while also wishing for taxes to be low. Either you lower taxes and expect less government services or you raise taxes and demand more government services. These are the only realistic options: any other road leads off the cliff known as financial insolvency.

      Neither extreme is good; massive taxes that provide an oversized safety net is not good, but so is tiny taxation that provides no social securities. Pure socialism may be a delusional policy, but so is pure capitalism. Pure socialism puts too much power in the hands of the government, and pure capitalism has this tendency to slowly put too much power into the hands of a few individuals (who in turn tend to have undemocratic levels of influence on the government).

      That European economic allusion is bullshit, my friend. If the calamity in Europe is soley to blame on “entitlements”, then why haven’t the economies and debt of the Scandinavian nations gone haywire along with Greece, Italy, Portugal, et al? Simple: Scandinavian nations can afford their services, wheras Greece and Co. could not without going into massive debt. High taxes and social services are alright where the public:

      1) Wants them.
      2) Is willing to pay for them.
      3) Is ABLE to pay for them without going into debt.

      Greece and the others met conditions one and two but not condition three.
      The country maintained structural deficits for years. Hence, the debt crisis.

      Furthermore, the two major players on the European mainland – France and Germany – are still major economies. Particularly Germany: this country is the world’s second largest exporter (ahead of even America) and is the world’s fourth strongest economy in terms of GDP. Does this sound like your idea of a “socialistic” economic gulag? Excuse me while I laugh.

      I will not deny that there are problems and complications with the social security systems in North America as well as in Europe. However, the magnitude of social programs is entirely at the descretion of the people in a democracy (at least in theory).

      So get off your high, high, horse that the American conservative way is the only “correct” way to create a prosperous society and all others are inferior/faliures. The extent of social welfare depends on the structure and ethos of the society that provides it, and many have been economically successful with greater welfare systems than what exists in America. Whether or not you guys want to increase or decrease what that is, I could care less – if the majority of you are happy, then I’m happy for you.

      Just make sure you can afford it, is all.


  5. Ms. Holland,

    ” He went to war, started an entire new entitlement program and cut taxes. ”

    Wouldn’t that make him half Republican and half flaming Liberal ?

    ” He was an oil man in the White House. ”

    He was also a baseball team owner and a Governor. As opposed to a College professor like we have now. You know those type have not worked out that well. Remember Woodrow Wilson.

    ” He didn’t cause the meltdown and to some extent he did the right thing when it happened. ”

    You could be drummed out of the Democratic Party for saying that. 🙂


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