Oh yeah, the finished pool

Any long time reader (Ed, Susie, Elaine) will recall I did a lot of updating and popsted pix as I was building my p0ol last spring. I never did manage to post any pix of the completed job. So here.

17 responses to “Oh yeah, the finished pool

  1. Ms. Holland,

    I am so jealous. It is cold an dark when I come home from work to a yard full of leaves.


    • My condolences. I remember it well. But I miss burning the leaves at the end of the driveway – I don’t think you can do that anymore, but it was wonderful when the smell of burning leaves was in the air for weeks.


  2. Ms. Holland,

    They stopped us from leaf burning in my little town about 20 years ago. A lot of old guys did not know how to burn with out smoking out the Sun. There is a science to it that some Dutchmen up here can’t be taught. The outlying townships still can burn. Now you pile up the leaves at the curbs and they suck them up with a truck and compost them. Damn environmentalists.

    My problem is that I planted two sugar maples, which I am proud to say last year I tapped for maple syrup. Fun, but I can’t see how you make money at it considering how much fuel you need to evaporate the water out of it. Lucky I have a coal stove. But the down side is the maples are still dropping leaves long after every other tree . I hate November.


    • When I was a kid, there was always someone in the neighborhood who was stupid enough to try to burn his leaves on a windy day. Sometimes, they even set houses on fire.

      Still, I wish kids could experience that smell in the air. Believe it or not, even here in FL, people have wood stoves – on a cool night when everyone fires them up, I stand in the driveway and take deep breaths!


  3. You should be very pleased with yourself. Not only was the project successful but you pulled it off entirely on your own. Great job.


  4. Pool, cage and lanai look great…best is being in the water and SWIMMING!
    Way to go girlfriend!


  5. So someone else dug the hole but you made the choices and directed the operation. Give yourself some much deserved credit!


  6. Wow a tiled pool. Lovely.


  7. You have a very nice home, Moe. I am happy for you!


  8. muted sorbet color chairs..you’re cool.



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