Mica Brezhinski makes my teeth hurt

And so do her overlords at MSNBC.

For the first time in weeks – cautious since the last time she sent me screaming from the house – I tuned into Morning Joe on MSNBC. And hey, not bad!  Joe Biden was on and was being allowed time to really talk – about Afghanistan and especially about the new START treaty with Russia which is in the Senate now. Important stuff. Interesting stuff. Stuff I care about. Joe and Joe were having a thoughtful discussion – or at least as much as is possible when both parties are also busy looking in the mirror.

And then Mica pops in and interrupts with something about Palin. “Here’s the video, have a look and I’d like to hear your reaction.”

I know you understand that I had to turn it off and flee back to CSpan.

7 responses to “Mica Brezhinski makes my teeth hurt

  1. I barf my intestines just thinking about her. You must never, never, never tune into that again. Doctors orders.


  2. She not related to the one time national security advisor Zbignew (I think I’ve mispelled his name but that’s as close as I can come) is she?


  3. She’s a pain to watch, for sure! I love how she tried to go after Christie but he basically ignored her and made her look foolish. She’s like Palin on Fox, imo, all shell, no substance.


    • She is at her worst when she plays all mama to the naughty little boys at the table. I think she should probably wear tight leather with a lot of metal adornments. And a whip?


    • By the way, politics aside, I find Christie delightful and so refreshing – I absolutely love to hear him talk – he’s utterly candid and suffers no fools.

      Gotta find that Mica/Christie vid. She’s not match for him.


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