The tide is out , w-a-y out

I’m heading off to the Miami Book Fair shortly, but let’s see if I’ve got this straight.:

A Republican leader of the US House of Represetntatives has just told the head of a Foreign Country not to pay attention to the words or actions of the President of the United States, that the Republican caucus in Congress will protect said Foreign Country from any Official Foreign Policy of the United States of America.

I think I got that right. Yeah.

11 responses to “The tide is out , w-a-y out

  1. Am I behind the times, I get upset when my grandson doesn’t pay attention to his teacher. Is the world going crazy or am I just a relic?


  2. The majority of us elected this President. Cantor’s arrogant, uncouth behavior makes me cringe, although their are plenty in his choir. I always feel like someone is behind them, pulling strings… I’m just not sure who Geppetto is.


  3. Can you imagine if the roles were reversed, and a democrat had said and threatened that concerning Bush? High Treason, would say the Conservatives.


  4. This is insane. Cantor is meeting secretly with foreign heads of state, undermining the president’s foreign policy? This indeed feels a lot like treason.


  5. I can’t find it but there’s a somewhat contemporary Cantor quote about how doing [what he just did] undermines the United States. I’m taking oldie requests from whoever can find it!!!


  6. I believe that’s called treason.


    • It would be if there were a shred of courage anywhere in government. Dennis Kuchinich can’t do it all – and now Russ Feingold is gone. Calling Bernie Sanders!!! (oh man, I’m going ot miss Alan Grayson – he should be all over this – has he said a word?)


  7. You know, last time I looked Israel was an ally of the US. Tell me Liberals, is this incident on a par with Speaker Nancy Pelosi speaking to leaders of Saudi Arabia and Syria on her nine day ” goodwill tour ” ? Is contradicting the White House with a friend the same as contradicting the White House with potential enemies ? Just wondrin.


    • Alan my friend, you came through once again. Talking to leaders of foreign countries – sure, congress critters do it all the time. And they travel on ‘goodwill tours’ all the time too. That’s what a ‘congressional junket’ IS and that is NOT what Cantor did.


  8. Ms. Holland,

    You will have to educate me further. I don’t know what Speaker Pelosi said to Syria in 2007 but, I do know the Bush Administration was royally p1$$ed about it. Syria was supporting terrorists. Hezboullah and Hamas . At a time when Bush was trying to marginalize the Syrians, Ms. Nancy was giving them legitimacy.

    But I have open mind. I am ready to believe. At least Cantor did not blow junket money.


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