This is how Michael Caine speaks

as interpreted by The Trip on BBC 2. (I seem to be unable to think or write so I toss out this little amusement.)

4 responses to “This is how Michael Caine speaks

  1. This brought Husband over to watch, too. Funny!

    Makes me want to practice!


  2. That guy is pretty good. Bonus points for knowing Michael Caine’s real name and from where he got the name “Caine.”


    • Oh, Thomas, that’s too easy – not cuz I actually knew, but cuz wikipedia bless their souls are always there for us.
      Maurice Joseph Micklewhite:
      When Micklewhite first became an actor, he adopted the stage name “Michael Scott”. His agent soon informed him, however, that another actor was already using the same name, and that he had to come up with a new name immediately. Speaking to his agent from a telephone box in Leicester Square, London, he looked around for inspiration, noted that The Caine Mutiny was being shown at the Odeon Cinema, and decided to change his name to “Michael Caine”. He has joked in interviews that had he looked the other way, he would have ended up as “Michael One Hundred and One Dalmatians”.[7]


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