The Great (independant) Republic of Texas

Umm, is Rick Perry moving to start his own country so he can be a President? This isn’t his first foray into┬ásecession territory.

Rick Perry: Let States Secede From Social Security

13 responses to “The Great (independant) Republic of Texas

  1. Whatever Gov. Goodhair says is a lot of horse patooty if you ask me. Bill White would have been such a great choice for governor, but “the people” saw fit to re-elect a guy who immediately goes out on a tour flogging his new book and has said that he can’t promise he’ll complete his new four year term (the White House is beckoning, if y’all are wondering why.) How Palinesque…


    • I love that ‘Gov Goodhair’ name; it makes him sound like a male bimbo.

      Listen, our new Gov – Scott, with no hair – wants to lower taxes. We 36 States have a higher tax burden than FL. So you can see the need. Says he’ll do it by closing prisons and cutting off teacher tenure and lowering property taxes so schools lose their funding anyway. Sounds like a plan to me.


    • The Fed would never let Texas go, not in a million years. Oil, Land, People, Lockeed Martin, biggest seaport in America down in Houston…not in a million years would the Union let Texas just prance on out. It just would not be smart politics.


      • The only way the Feds could keep a State that wanted to secede would be the way we did it last time – in 1864. Wouldn’t want to do that again.

        Of course these days I imagine the mega corporations who enjoy the largesse of the US Federal Government while they drill baby drill in Texas would want to have a word or two with Mr. Perry.


  2. Moe, I am leaving Texas in early January to start a new life in Ohio (I am trading one red state for another, I suppose). I am excited to get out of Texas. Most Texans are fiercely loyal and are Texan’s first and Americans second. I am so sick of Texas and Texans I could puke. I do not care if I was born and raised here, there is nothing worth being proud of here. Texans are morons. And Rick Perry is a ruthless dictator who will be Governor until he dies. I know I may sound a bit over the top, here. But, you would have to live here to really know what it is like. There is no justice, there is no equality, and level of intelligence is cow manure. And, Texas will never succeed. There is much too much oil, land, resources, and people here for the union to let it slip away with out a fight. It is just unthinkable. Oh, and I have been reading that the more somebody travels, the less likely they are to be conservative. If people would actually GET OUT MORE, they would see that Leftist policies WORK when simular things have been done in Europe (where the quality of living is HIGHER). The europeans have already been through all the debate – years ago. We are years behind. How stupid and unevolved we americans must appear to the europeans….


    • Well, I guess you’ll have John Kasich for governor now Sam. He’s was a tea partier before there was a tea party.

      Your news is exciting and it’s fun to see you spread your wings and fly. Keep us abreast of your travels, your experiences and how you’re doing, okay?


      • I will, I assure you. 972 miles away – I have never been that far from Texas…I am excited. I will probably go visit the Big Apple (I will be 70% closer than I am now) once I am settled in up there. I have always wanted to see NY.


  3. The Unrepublican,

    ” And, Texas will never succeed. ”

    You meant secede ?


  4. “They will never succeed at seceding” was a joke. I really did mispell it the first time, BTW.


  5. The Unrepublican,

    Texas is a great State when compared to the alternatives like Caleefornia. In the Wall Street Journal there is an article, which I have not read, calling Caleefornia, the Lindsay Lohan State, because of it’s voters continuing to elect morons who have ruined it.


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