We truly are doomed

And this is why:

Chrsitine O’Donnell was the most covered candidate in 2010

11 responses to “We truly are doomed

  1. And I said to my teenage grandchildren last week, “when did we start celebrating ‘dumb'”? Used to be smart was the goal. Bring on the pompoms, articulate- you have to admit she can talk-cheerleader types are the wave of the future. Heaven help us.


  2. Anonymous,

    Calm down. Christine O’Donnell lost. You guys will keep the Senate.


  3. I need 53 or fewer Democrats, or I lose a bet.


  4. shortbuswonderkid

    Dear Alan Scott,

    Clearly, you are a supporter of stupid. I hope that works out for you.


  5. shortbuswonderkid ,

    ” Clearly, you are a supporter of stupid. I hope that works out for you. ”

    “Stupid is as stupid does.” FG. Now that you slammed me, will you flee the building, like ‘Doug’?

    I confess to being quite disappointed. I expected more seats in the House and I thought we could take the Senate. The American voter has given the GOP enough power to prevent Democrats from further damaging the country. They do not yet trust us enough to give us the power to roll back Obama’s Socialism.

    It should be an interesting two years coming up. I just wonder how the surviving Democrats will side. They might vote with Republicans on many issues. They saw what happened to their buddies in the House who supported Mr. Hope and Change.


    • Alan, even in victory you keep shooting.

      Sure, it was a bloodbath, but until we see what happens in the new Congress, I wouldn’t bet on anything. Also the debt commission report in December. We’ll see how the new Congress responds to that.


  6. Ms. Holland,

    I am not a gracious winner and I am a really sore loser. The debt Commission is a total joke. Everyone in Washington knows what has to be done. Unfortunately generations of politicians have made a living lying to the public.

    The Commission is solely to give political cover. Fortunately for you, Republicans will bite the bullet and try to do what’s right. At least the Tea Party wing will. They will probably be thrown out of office for it 2 elections from now. Remember the riots in Greece and France when entitlements were threatened.


    • I don’t entirely disagree about commissions – they are often paper tigers. But the fact of hte debt ceiling will be coming up for a vote and that’s going to tell a tale. Going to play out with a lot of color.


    • shortbuswonderkid

      lol, keep talking. Who needs to slam you. Selfish-self-centered. Keep on fitting that foot in your mouth.


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