Election Day, dear Election Day

I love Election Day, always have. I grew up with a political father, who served in town government and was politically engaged all his life. My grandfather was chairman of the Democratic Party a few towns over. My cousins’ grandfather was chairman of the Republican Party in that same town. My New York grandfather owned a bar and poured drinks for those Irish politicians of legend. He ‘had the acquaintance of’ (archaic expression) James J. Walker, an utterly  charming and corrupt Democratic mayor of NYC so fabled, Broadway sang his song. My family were political animals.

So I love Election Day.

Most people here seem to vote early now. Election Day at the polls has become quiet, too quiet. I miss the hustle. I miss knowing we’re all gathered for the same purpose on the same day.

I’d dearly like to see changes in how we manage this most important civic activity. Polls should be open for one full 24-hour weekend day (some working people have a very hard time voting and that’s very wrong). No returns should be public until all returns are in – all the way to Hawaii. And, along with CNN, we would just have to wait.

(And empower aposse every year to drive around town and pull up all the election signs the next day!

We need some reforms. We do indeed. Still, I love Election Day.

28 responses to “Election Day, dear Election Day

  1. One of Gene’s doctor’s in CA takes the afternoon off every election day. He picks his kids up at school and they walk to the polls. The kids are little and don’t vote yet, but he wants them to witness what he calls the “wonder of voting. “


  2. See my post today.

    Dr. B


  3. Have you been to worship at the alter of Kathy Dent? I fear we are fucked!


    • I attended just an hour ago – usually the place is deserted but damn it was hoppin’ busy – not enough to have to wait, but still lots of people. I love to vote!!

      Remember Aunt Moe’s calm prediction: Dems take Tallahassee, GOP goes to DC


    • omg, omg, omg, I don’t want to be wrong . . . . but . . . .the St Pete Times is saying it’s going to be a very long night – problems counting Hillsborough County will delay things.


  4. Dr. Rand Paul is the new Senator from Kentucky!


  5. But I’m looking forward to Rubio and Paul pushing their cutting agendas in the Senate.. That youthful and enthusiastic air – crushed by cynical games and strict pecking order. This is democracy absorbing anger and popular movements with peaceful means and institutionalized power. It’s a fascinating form of government.


  6. Yep – PA and IL is lost. Too bad w Sestak.
    But CA, WA, WV, CO – and Nevada is Dem.
    Which makes it a 53Dem in the Senate. I think.


  7. ..and this makes it very much just North-East and West-Coast as Dem. All the rest (except Colorado) goes red.


  8. And Alaska could by coincidence end up Dem. Giving it 54Dem.
    But – as pointed out by Nate – Lieberman/Nelson could easily flip – so 52 is the de facto floor for majority this time. (unless ME senators would have flipped at some point).


  9. Naw.. doesn’t have to be.. Let’s look at the Boehner budget coming up in April.. They’re in the process now – even if he’s already trying to shun his new powers.. Two more years of “outside” hammering on Dems and Congress could have been worse.
    And people have started already – “Where are the jobs, Boehner?”.
    And Rand Paul will be a disaster.. he’s living in fantasyland.. it’s embarassing. Now Tea Party are part of The Government!!

    Info: POTUS making speech at 1pm.


    • This is going to be an even rockier 2 years than the last two. And of course when the jobs don’t materialize and hte Dems win again in ’12, everyone will be back to blaming Obama.


  10. Right on.. And I’m slowly realizing to how awful this will be..

    Jobs: GOP passes lots of big tax-cuts for rich and business and wipes out regulations in the House, which stops in the Senate. Unemployment? Blame Obama.
    Economy: Pass repeal of health bill and wall st bill in the House – stops in Senate. Slow growth? Dems refuse to cooperate – blame Obama.
    Deficit: It’s all about Health Care. Blame Obama.
    CBO/Facts? Liberal-leaning communist talking points. Evil propaganda.



    • In spite of my comment upstream about not counting on just demographics, let’s not forget that the demographics in fact are with a progressive agenda. The tea party and old line GOP are going to die out just by attrition. Today’s 30-somethings are the future.


  11. Ms. Holland,

    Pat Toomey is my Senator-elect now. I was sweating it. The Democratic Party Machine really brought out the big city vote. With the Clinton scandal of offering Sestak a ” bribe ” to drop out in the primary, I can’t see how he went that far.

    I guess the entitlement vote is alive and well in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Allentown. Such a shame.


  12. [Democratic Party Machine really brought out the big city vote]

    It’s a democracy – that’s what they’re supposed to do.


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