Follow the brite blue (?) link

Can’t embed video or find transcript – but here’s Stewart’s monologue. It’s very good.

UPDATE: Blogfriend mac has the transcript up here. And here’s the vid (I’m leaving the link up above, in case Comedy Central blacks out this video at youtube.)

10 responses to “Follow the brite blue (?) link

  1. Transcript here – videoclip here.


  2. I’m interested to see what the crowd estimates are. I watched much of it on TV and thought it was great!


  3. Huffington Post has a a video that’s great. Click on the one that has the signs, too. Oh, there are some clever people in this world!!! (Why don’t THEY run for Congress?!)


  4. Gee, I just sent you a note that disappeared. Forgive me if it shows up twice.

    Huffington Post has wonderful videos about the rally. Here’s one and do find the link to all the signs. There are some very clever Americans out there. Why don’t they run for office?!


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