S’okay cuz we can work at McDonald’s dude!

An editorial in The  New York Times today.

48th Is Not A Good Place

The National Academies, the country’s leading advisory group on science and technology, warned in 2005 that unless the United States improved the quality of math and science education, at all levels, it would continue to lose economic ground to foreign competitors.

The situation remains grim. According to a follow-up report published last month, the academies found that the United States ranks 27th out of 29 wealthy countries in the proportion of college students with degrees in science or engineering, while the World Economic Forum ranked this country 48th out of 133 developed and developing nations in quality of math and science instruction.

Foreign students who attend graduate school here used to stay and work here. Now they go home. More of getting what we asked for.

I am sure there are people who beleive these rankings are because someone somewhere hates America.

9 responses to “S’okay cuz we can work at McDonald’s dude!

  1. Notwithstanding all of this information, there are still millions who promulgate the doctrine of American exceptionalism. Those are the same people who contend that my disagreement with that insipid, dangerous doctrine makes me a someone, somewhere who hates America.


    • Oh – it’s YOU who hates America! Well that explains everything. How do you feel about taking down the richest country in the world? It was very naughty of you.


  2. Ms. Holland,

    I do not understand your point. Why are we not graduating kids with science or engineering degrees? I bet we are just not paying the teachers unions enough in wages or pensions. Yea that must be it. Raise taxes on the ungrateful idiots .

    Yep, the ungrateful need to pay more. Funny how, no matter how much you spend on the kids in the Washington DC schools they do not improve. Wait they were improving until the district forced Michelle Rhee to resign. Damn right wing reformers. Who do they think they are ?

    Wait then was there was that voucher program for the poor kids in DC. What happened to that ? Wait Obama let the program fail after the current group of kids is done. Why did Barry do that? Could it be the hypocrite in Chief cares more about his supporters in the union than he does about poor inner city kids? Could be.

    Obama can always find money to help public schools. Yet when it comes to a Federal Program that actually works like the DC opportunity scholarships, suddenly Barry is cheaper than a cold hearted Tea Party skin flint.


    • So Alan, do the facts presented in the report concern you at all?

      You can’t blame something like this on anything smaller than a cultural attitude abroad in this country. We used to value education and strive for knowledge. Now we seem to scorn it. That takes a toll.


    • The Daily Howler and Doghouse Riley are big fans of Ms. Rhee.

      You go on pretending that poverty isn’t the source of poor student performance, even if it is obvious to anyone that actually cares. Also, keep believing that teaching creationism will help with science education.


      • Michelle Rhee was a major new light in education – it’s a shame she fell victim to political patronage. Isn’t Arnie Duncan is a fan too ?

        Bob Somersby rocks! Been reading the man for over a decade and I don’t know where he gets the energy – or the time!


  3. Ms. Holland,

    ” You can’t blame something like this on anything smaller than a cultural attitude abroad in this country. ”

    I admit you lost me. What cultural attitude do you mean? I ask for specific examples.


    • Surely you hear the same nonsense I do – all about ‘elites’ and how they’re the worst and how universities are full of people who know nothing. Eventually these attitudes seep into the culture, become a part of hte culture and have a profound affect on our national life.

      We need elites. We need hilghly educated people. And we need to encourage our young people to look up to them and aspire to knowledge. But we don’t.


  4. desertscope,

    ” You go on pretending that poverty isn’t the source of poor student performance, even if it is obvious to anyone that actually cares. ”

    You and I agree, only I am not pretending. Poverty can be a factor,,yes. But,, are you saying that it is ‘the’ factor ? I say it is not. I say, a much, much bigger factor is the public school establishment, of which the public teachers union, not the individual teachers, is ‘thee’ problem . DC is almost a perfect example of how to throw away money and get nothing for it. Kinda like Obama’s Stimulus .

    Now as always , prove me wrong.


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