Jon Stewart does not heart CNN

On his show, Jon Stewart has been eviscerating CNN for years (Rick Sanchez was a favorite target, Wolf Blitzer too). Last night on Larry King, Stewart went after the nonsense of CNN’s version of election night coverage with their panel of a dozen people. Were the King show not live (it is, isn’t it?), I’m sure there would have been a bit of snippy-snippy by CNN management.

It’s also interesting that King kept prodding Stewart to say outrageous things about politics and the Tea Party and Stewart resisted – up to a point.

UPDATE: Brian in NYC  tells me embedding is disabled for this video. So here’s the link – hope you can still see it at youtube.

5 responses to “Jon Stewart does not heart CNN

  1. Hi Moe,
    FYI embedding is disabled on this clip.


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  3. That was supergreat.
    The whole room is laughing..
    And the Pepsi-Coke thing, two great points of view?


    • If only Dems would sit down and listen to some of htat and take pointers about how to respond to people.

      Yeah, Pepsi Coke – the best. I also love it whenever he makes fun of thier holographic moment!


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