MSNBC did a bad

Just saw one of those ads MSNBC has been running. By and large I’ve found them appealing – no idea if they help with building business; I guess they do help brand the network I guess.

But just now I saw one that is a shocking and blatant rip off of the AMC show Rubicon. I think any fan of that show will spot it right away. Naughty, naughty.

8 responses to “MSNBC did a bad

  1. Yep, in a way. small naughty…

    You like Rubicon? I enjoyed it.



    • I loved it – for all its flaws, somehow I just found the characters and the setting just so intruiging and appealing. So I’m hooked. You to0 – we share good taste!


  2. Really? That’s embarassing. Bad MSNBC.

    And – the start: “news – is about stories”. No it’s not. It’s facts. The “story” is squashed upon it by commercial media. Making entertainment. Rachel enjoying herself. Gimme C-SPAN and dry facts. Rational input.


    • You’re right of course and I honestly don’t know what I’d do without CSpan – and now that I have DVR I can record Book TV and Wash Journal guests when I cant watch in real time. It’s wonderful.

      I recently listened to paart of an interview by Wolf Blitzer – doesn’t even matter who he was interviewing. His questions were so inept, so incredulous (and credulous!) – I’ve always been at a loss to understand CNN’s thinking on him. He’s just awful.


  3. What about “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”?


  4. No I don’t. All successful things get imitated (witenss the ad takeoffs on SNL). I think it’s surprising they used RUBICON as I don’t think it had much of an audience so people probably missed the point. I think as fans, we are a distinct minority.


    • I don’t think they wanted people to know; I think they wanted to present it as their own concept. After all, SNL is satire – this was an actual advertisement.

      That said, you’re right, good stuff gets imitated. I think it just pissed me off. It was wasn’t just derivative – it seemed like an actual copy. Kind of like plagiarism.


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