The house comes together

There is light at the end of the very long tunnel that’s surrounded me for too many weeks. Movers were engaged last week and brought down the few pieces of furniture I wanted from my parents’ home and places have been found for them.

The combination of multiple trips to Goodwill and the addition of seven new [to me] substantial drawers has freed spaces that previously were jammed – I now have a closet for office supplies and another actually shows some floor space:

We all know how nice closets look when first set up; I’ll enjoy the order while it lasts. A few pieces of furniture and a favorite lamp came to live here as well:

It’s strange to see these things in my house. I will of course get used to them. But for now, it’s an event which I am recording here. For no particular other reason.

4 responses to “The house comes together

  1. Those closets….I can’t believe those closets! The secretary looks great.


  2. Okay, yours are done…oh please, please, pretty please come and do mine!
    I never had closets that looked so organized.


  3. I don’t need pretty…only yours are pretty and will stay pretty forever.


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