Okay: back up there, back up

It’s another catchup day here in the Moe household. Delayed and deferred paperwork is the main thing on the menu.

I also plan to arrange online back up for my hard drive. I’ve been living dangerously for too long. I think I signed up for Mozy some time ago but abandoned it – and uninstalled it – because I wanted to use the free version and there wasn’t enough storage. Or it was a pain to pick and choose what to back up. It was my intention at that time to go back and sign up for one of the paid services, but I didn’t get around to it.

So that’s on my agenda today. Any thoughts? (Ed will say get an external drive, but I’ve decided I really really want back up some place far away.)

11 responses to “Okay: back up there, back up

  1. And then there are flash drives…but you need to do the backup.


  2. Ms. Holland,

    I apologize for going totally off topic, but this has potential to be somewhat important. Our good friends the Chinese are preparing to royally screw us on a class of material call rare earths. There are a number of media articles on this. As much as I dislike Paul Krugman, he has written a timely piece.



    • I’ve been hearing that phrase ‘rare earths’ dropped here and there lately but hadn’t paid any attention so didnt know what it was about. Thanks for drawing my attention. I agree with you that this is very important.

      Maybe this time, someone will listen to Mr. Krugman – it’s not the first time he’s sounded an alarm (sub prime mortgage crisis for example).


  3. Yeah, I guess one should have off-site backup. I have two secondary drives.
    Living on the edge as well.


  4. Remember, I told you I tried online backup before buying a drive.


  5. Honestly on backup, I’d do both.

    Assuming you’ve amassed a lot of writing, music, and creations of your own, your compute must be pretty valuable to you. Thus, you want really good backup.

    If you go online, you have something offsite from your house. If your home is destroyed, your precious data is protected. A external drive may not do that as it may perish in the let’s say hurricane (you’re in Florida right).

    However, failing that kind of disaster, an external drive has these advantages. It’s faster to get your files from in all likelihood. You have another backup if the online company goes bankrupt or out of business, or just loses your data. (Private enterprise make a mistake! Say it isn’t so!)

    I have my data generally backed up on an external drive, that mozy is set to backup on online. So I covered against many eventualities. In the event of a meteor like wiped out the dinosaurs, I’m toast, but otherwise I’m prepared.

    I use Mozy.

    You might not want to use Carbonite. See this:



  6. Also, if you use Microsoft synctoy, it will automatically make a mirror of files on you main drive on the external, and Mozy can trickle them up to the internet.


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