It’s a brave new Citizens United world

. . . sung to the tune of “It’s a Small World After All” and you may work in the obligatory Huxley verses.

From CPI via Ben Smith at Politico

Republican Third Party Groups — $43,664,661
Democratic Third Party Groups — $6,658,236

Here’s more:

Colorado — Dems: $1.1 million / GOP: $7.6 million
Washington — Dems: $1.5 million / GOP: $4.2 million
Missouri — Dems: $794k / GOP: $7.2 million
Kentucky — Dems: $47k / GOP: $1.7 million

I’ve honestly never seen anything like it. And we don’t know who these people giving the big money are.

I need a shower.

5 responses to “It’s a brave new Citizens United world

  1. It’s All Wet.
    Not sure these numbers… but when the tally is in for the cycle …money doesn’t talk…it screams.
    Dick Morris says 100..yep 100 seat swing.
    That calls for a bigger pour of bourbon.


    • The numbers are from the Campaign for Public Integrity (link above), a pretty reputable organization. And I’m sure they plucked out the most aggregious.

      Dick Morris talks out of his toes. Or through toes. Or something.


  2. That is so gross.


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