My own worst enemy

The last few weeks have been tumultuous and the blog is not the only personal endeavor that’s been sidelined. But I awoke today to a full unencumbered day stretching in front of me, inviting me to do some serious catching up. I jumped right in – after brewing the coffee and gobbling my Special K, I dug in. I began bringing things in from the lanai to the house, back to their proper places. And – as I said many, many days ago, everything that needs it gets washed before re-admittance to the inner realms. With that in mind I closed the sink drain and began filling it with warm soapy water. It’s a big sink; filling it takes a while. And I do get distracted.

The sink filled. The kitchen – counters and floors – filled. The path to the side door filled. The path to the front door and half the living room too. There were waves.

One thing was on my side. A Goodwill pile, neglected during this period, still sat in the laundry room. With many small cotton rugs (bathroom and the throw type) having entered the elder years, awaited disposition. And next to that pile, another – of the newer fresher (and more  absorbent!) variety, awaiting laundering.  (Actually two things were on my side; my floors are terrazzo.)

The floors are now dry. And the driveway is itself carpeted, lined with little rugs (pool towels too) so soppy wet, so filled to every fiber of their being with water, they were too heavy to pull more than one at a time.

And now, if I can avoid tripping over my own feet, I shall continue with my day as planned.

6 responses to “My own worst enemy

  1. Well, it appears your morning went swimmingly. Sorry.


  2. Did the terrazzo love the bath? “Best laid plans…” and all that.
    Doug already had the good line…can’t think of anything pithy.


  3. Do NOT sell The Trace. It sounds like your time has come.


  4. Oh Moe


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