An anniversary approaches

I stopped my daily posts on our time in Afghanistan some months ago; of course the calendar didn’t stop. The beat has  gone on.

Afghan caualites '01-'10

My first post on that war was on the first day of the ninth year. In fact, it noted the first hour of the first day of the ninth year of that war. For  nine months I counted the days daily, and then it became weekly, bi-weekly. It’s now been three weeks.

My generation fought in Vietnam. And they fought for more than a decade. And we lost. And it damaged our national psyche for decades. The draft was in force at that time so the price in blood and treasure touched everyone’s life one way or another. Every single one of us.  We fought it, we died in it and we came to demand its end. It was an immoral war and we were ashamed. And we lost that war. The shame and humiliation damaged us; we haven’t been the same country since.

But today’s volunteer, professional military now insulates us from the horror. The nightly news doesn’t even bother to report it. Look at the front page of any newspaper – any Afghan stories there? (For that matter, any Iraq stories?).

Shame on us. Shame on me. Especially since today is the 363rd day of the ninth year of the War in Afghanistan. 2130 Coalition soldiers have died, over 1300 of them Americans. 7266 American casualties as well. 2010 already has the highest death count. The highest before this year was last year. And the highest before that, was the year before. The was has cost, as of today, $362,000,000,000.00. (Here at home, we’re laying off police and teachers.)

Two more days till the tenth year. Is that okay with you?

2 responses to “An anniversary approaches

  1. Its not ending anytime soon. It has been exported into Pakistan now.

    That means, more budget for military action in Pakistan, more “aid” to keep having the consent of the Pakistani corrupt elite, and end result furthur detrioration of America. These wars are not making America any safer!


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