I think it’ll be Bill Maher

Someone named Piers Morgan is scheduled to replace Larry King’s when he retires from CNN at the end of the year. I know because CNN told me so.  But suddenly Bill Maher is all over the network. Gets me wondering if CNN is sponsoring Maher’s next Vegas show or maybe Piers Morgan is NOT going to replace Larry King.

I actually think Maher in that spot would be brilliant for him and for CNN. Maher would talk to interesting people about interesting things and feed my need for more snark. And CNN wouldn’t lose the loyal Larry King audience, who know Maher well as he was King’s favorite and frequent guest.

Guess we’ll see.

8 responses to “I think it’ll be Bill Maher

  1. I didn’t think about that..you could be right. CNN just changed top management. Interesting.


  2. hot news.
    love the image!


  3. CNN just can’t get it right, can they? I was willing to give up Larry King l-o-n-g ago and while an hour of Anderson Cooper was fine, two was too much and made him over-exposed. Frankly, I miss Aaron Brown’s 10 PM show. I thought “low key” was a GOOD thing. I see more of CNN on The Daily Show than I do actually watching their network.

    Piers Morgan, the Britain’s Got Talent and now the America’s Got Talent guy? (sigh) If we have so much talent, why can’t they find someone fresh?


    • Sure am with you – glad to know I’m not the only one who misses Aaron Brown and his fine show.

      When I watch (and I keep asking myself why do I?) the tv news’ version of the ’round table’, I think, to use your words, “why can’t they find someone fresh”. I really don’t ever need to see Cokie Roberts again.


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