The beat goes on

The continuing medical adventures of my too-old-to-be-alive father opened a new chapter Sunday night.  He was rushed to the hospital, had four hours of surgery to clear a colon blockage and is now in intensive care.

He has an ‘advance directive’, has had it for many years, which one would expect to clarify decisions, but is in fact quite fluid and is subject to various opinions of different medical personnel. First, having surgery or not (in which case he would have been gone in a matter of days) was his decision which is the right thing since he has his full facilities. (Not a choice I would make, especially since life after this surgery is going to be compromised and his somewhat independent living arrangement will be over. But it’s what he wanted to do.)

At first he came out of the surgery in good shape, but complications set in pretty quickly. So it’s unknown right now how this plays out. He’s quite ill. I think any reader of this blog knows his choice is not the choice I would have made -for me or for him. But, as I said, the beat goes on.

For me, everything is on hold while this plays itself out so blogging will be very light.

5 responses to “The beat goes on

  1. I’ll be keeping you and your dad in my thoughts.


  2. I went through this with my Dad some years ago. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I know how difficult this time is.


  3. Thanks guys. It is what it is. I’ll be posting shortly.


  4. Moe,
    You and your father are in my thoughts.


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