I forgot the oldie!

The least distraction and my life runs off the rails – if forgetting Friday Night Oldies qualifies as ‘running off the rails’. Nevertheless, it’s a very good day when I find a Platters number that I haven’t posted before.

4 responses to “I forgot the oldie!

  1. My favorite part was when the singer sings”when your love has turned away”….he turns away. That was good stuff. And it brings back memories of dancing with John Lenoce at the Boys Club. Good grief, that was 50 years ago. OMG


  2. John Lenoce! Now there’s a name from the past.


  3. Ms. Holland,

    I always loved this recording. I never realized the song was much older until once late at night while channel surfing I watched an old movie from the 1930s and the song was in the movie. I was amazed.


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