Run Charlie, run! Faster! Harder!

My gov, Charlie Crist isn’t running well now that all the free publicity from the oil spill has receded. As a long time opponent of off shore drilling, he looked pretty good to Floridians then. Kendrick Meek would be a terrific Dem candidate in a normal election but this one isn’t normal. Meek and Crist are competing for the same voters.  I was sure some months ago that Crist would make it because he’s been so well liked as Governor. But damn if the GOP isn’t just fucking with Florida brains . . . GOP candidate, and Tea Party darling, Marco Rubio is opening up a real lead.

I spent a hundred gajillion dollars and noboby knows my name.


My concern is the influence of early voting. Here in Florida, given our demographic, a lot of people vote early. And that means that we don’t have till November to close the sale. We are running out of time here and I’m very afraid of the split vote putting Rubio into the US Senate.

I still think Charlie has a better shot than Meek. For Dems, liberals, progressives and many independents, this election needs to be less about getting Crist or Meek in office, than keeping Rubio out. So whoever of the competition is running stronger on November 2 (and I still think it will be Crist), he gets my vote. And maybe Marco Rubio can go the way of failed Dem, Jeff Greene.


8 responses to “Run Charlie, run! Faster! Harder!

  1. Meek is pretty good – causing “problems”… and if Meek and Crist goes neck to neck.. it’s even harder. Tough call.


  2. Ms. Holland,

    ” But damn if the GOP isn’t just fucking with Florida brains . . ”

    Echo, echo, echo. So much hatred ringing in this hall. Oh by the way, you guys can have Crist. In fact you guys can have all the Rinos. Lot of good they will do you. Was Arlen Spector worth the trouble ? These clowns were worthless to us, take them please.


    • We’ll take the RINO’s Alan. Because they’re the ones who will get elected. And once elected, they might even be coerced to doing something we call ‘govern’.

      You knock me out Alan – hatred? You love that word and toss it around pretty freely.


  3. Ms. Holland,

    ” You love that word and toss it around pretty freely. ”

    I can tell you are upset. On my side we were terribly put out when your guys took over the country in 07 and 09. We predicted what would happen to the economy under one party rule. Did America listen to us? No.

    When I am upset I use the F bomb quite freely, though generally in person and not on blogs. That you posted it on your own site tells me you are filled at least with rage, if not hatred. This is no slip of the tongue that cannot be deleted. That you wrote it and then hit post with out editing, yes you must really hate those Florida ‘ fu**ing ‘ Republicans.

    I’m just messing with your mind. You guys are still in charge. 🙂


    • Don’t read too much into my language Alan – I spent years working on newspapers, where no matter your gender, every other word was ‘fuck’ or some variation. It was a noun, a verb, an adjective and the truly talented managed to use it as an adverb.

      A few years ago I undertook to clean up my language and decided to replace ‘fucking’ with ‘bleeding’. And in fact it worked pretty well. But every now and then my unreconstructed self sneaks out.

      Hope I didn’t shock you!


  4. Ms. Holland,

    ” Hope I didn’t shock you! ”

    You did, you did. That newspaper people speak like that is ‘news’ to me. I worked in gritty blue collar settings and you had to speak like that to get any respect, but we had no contact with the public. Now I work at times with the public and have to be able to turn it off. On forums such as these it’s easier to control the language, which makes your slips more surprising.

    As we get closer to November you will have to exercise more control of your language. Sometimes polite sarcasm is more potent than profanity. The British are masters of insulting you with the most correct phrases.

    Newspapers, huh. We are shaped by our work environment. I thought you were just another 60s hippie girl.


  5. I thought you were just another 60s hippie girl.

    Stay classy Alan. 🙂


  6. The Arbourist,

    ” Stay classy Alan. ”

    That is always what I strive for. You never know, I might want to run for political office one day. Since I actually post under my real name, my posts may be used to embarrass me.


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