Excellent news!

The Emperor of Democratic de-regulation is moving along. Bye bye Larry Summers. Maybe Paul Voelker could get his pass key back?

2 responses to “Excellent news!

  1. The Center Square

    Moe, I disagree most strongly. Larry Summers is an asshole. But he’s also a brilliant economist who has been part of the brain trust who have led us out of this recession.
    If there is one area where Democrats are most wrong, it is regulation. We need a government that uses its authority to create and improve markets, not one that regulates businesses, at least in the 1970s sense of that term. Summers has it right on that score.


    • I have always viewed Summers as part of the de-regulation craze although I need to consider that I am be wrong since the correction comes from you.

      Didn’t the Clinton admin continue the de-regulation after Reagan? Not as bad (and nothing like George Bush!)? And wasn’t Summers part of that?


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