CNN bad, ABC good

Just saw the trailer for ABC new series “THe Whole Truth”. Female lead is not ‘tarted up’ – short hair, hardly any makeup. ABC good.

Other than Fareed Zacharia, I cannot think of a single thing CNN does that I’d call ‘good’. Just now, reporting on the C.R.E.W. investigation of Christine O’Donnell the Blitzer said (paraphrased): “The campaign says CREW is a left wing organization that only goes after conservatives. CREW denies that.”

That was it. It would take a few minutes on teh google or at CREW’s web site to see who in fact they’ve gone after over the years. I’ve no idea myself, but then I’m not CNN. They are supposed to find out and then tell me. CNN bad..

(Hey! WordPress has color now.)

4 responses to “CNN bad, ABC good

  1. Let us not forget Anderson Cooper! Are you not a fan of 360? CNN has that right, at least…I am seeing blue on this blog, was that not here before? You have such a well put together blog, I could not achieve this in a million years!


    • Indeed you are seeing blue Sam. Just found it available on the formatting tool bar above the window where we enter text.

      You have had a blog up for about 10 days – took me a month to find out how to link to anything.


  2. The Center Square

    C’mon! If you go by what CNN does put on the air (and not by what it doesn’t), it is by far the most factual, objective, in-depth cable news outlet out there. (Charlie Rose and Brian Lamb notwithstanding.)


  3. TCS, I do go by what they don’t put on the air. If they’re a news organization and miss essential aspects of a story or don’t report the story at all, they are not doing a good job.

    I am hard on CNN because even though they often do great in-depth stuff (and yeah, Sam, I like Anderson Cooper a lot). But again, what they don’t do – which I consider the very core of their mission – is report carefully and fully. The CREW instance is a perfect example – I see it all the time. And the failure happens most frequently by those sitting at the news desk, not the celebrity hosts.

    CNN is not remotely biased so in that regard they are quite fair. I watch BBC World News and the PBS News Hour every night. That’s where I get real news aslo without any bias.


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