My lonely blog

Big and busy week here as painting is happening throughout house except for bathroom. Today is prep by me, and the painter comes tomorrow morning – at some ungodly hour which makes me very unhappy but so it is in the world of busy people, of which he is one.

Just did a few hours with local teenager and his truck moving artwork, books and other small stuff out of the way and into a friend’s garage for the duration. The books – which I’ve been stuffing everywhere since my current bookshelves filled up a few years ago – were a bit of a shock since I thought I’d kept it under control by regularly carting books to Goodwill. Perhaps what’s happening is I take a book to Goodwill, forget I ever owned it, and a year later thrill upon finding it, this book I wanted to own. I have no better explanation so now Ken must be engaged to install more bookcases.

And when he is done, it all comes back into the house. Friends Ed and Steve will assist with the rehanging of artwork and mirrors and anything that goes on walls.

And meanwhile, my blog time is falling victim to the project. I’ll post pictures when it’s all done!

4 responses to “My lonely blog

  1. Know just how you feel… this is a week where my blog time is disappearing quickly.

    Fortunately, there IS a future!


  2. On the books, I’ve always had eyes bigger than my time. I buy more books than read. Lately, I’ve rediscovered the local library, that is excellent by way. I don’t need to find a space for books when I’m done, and I only take out what I read. Libraries still rock in my view. But then, I’m not young by any standard.


    • I’ve been a library user all my life. And yeah, they do rock. When I want a book they don’t have, they’ll get it for me. Although in the last few years, the local libraries have had their budgets slashed. They acquire about an eighth of the new books they used to – but better times may be coming, as my librarian told me last week that the money is loosening up a bit, not enough to rehire people or put the hours of operation back to where they were, but enough to buy new books!


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