Those Dems never had to meet a payroll!

I heard that tired old talking point, a charge leveled against Rep. Mike Castle (who lost the  Delaware primary) – heard it on one of the talking head shows – to make the case that Christine O’Donnell was the  better candidate. Did the Dem challenge it? Of course not. But it would have been so easy – a cursory google or wikipedia check reveals that while O’Donnell listed herself as a self-employed marketing consultant there’s no evidence of that. All of her jobs, whether paid or unpaid (could have involved marketing activity as nebulous as that phrase is) have been with political organizations or conservative advocacy groups. Can’t find a single private sector (or for profit) job in her resume.

Here are some other Republicans who have never had to meet a payroll:

GOP presidential candidate 2008: John McCain  – never had to buy health insurance either. Grew up in military, served in military, went to Congress. Public tit all the way. Never had a private sector job or met a payroll.

Former Speaker of the House: Newt Gingrich – grew up military, taught at state college, went to Congress. After Congress, it’s all non-profit advocacy organizations along with ‘fellow’ status at conservative think tanks to pay the bill. He is lately peddling Newt Inc, so that’s private I guess. But government tit till he was bounced by his party from the leadership for being a bad, bad boy.

Senator from Kentucky and Senate Minority Leader: Mitch McConnell – military and Congress all the way. No private sector. No payrolls. Solid government tit.

There are no doubt plenty of Dems with the same resume. But they’re not accusing their opponents of ‘never having met a payroll.”

2 responses to “Those Dems never had to meet a payroll!

  1. I personal prefer a politician that has owned or operated as head of a company, preferably a small business. It is important that politicians understand the effects of their legislation.

    I am a computer programmer and I have a similar issue when making a new application. I spend time with the user group to see how the application will work in their area and after I create the program I see if it is meeting their needs.

    Because of the birth of the career politician we have a group of people that pass legislation they themselves will never have to live under. Why would they care about the solvency of social security or Medicaid as they have very nice pensions to live off of. Why would they hesitate to create new corporate taxes or new regulatory administration as they will never have to fill out the paper work or have to balance a budget.

    This is one of the reasons I am in favor or term limits for congress. I would say start with Senate and then phase in limits for the House at a later date.

    By the way, we would be better off with replacing all the Republicans you named above. As for Mrs O’Donnell I will hold out judgement as I do not have much knowledge of her credentials and do not want to speculate.

    Good post Moe.

    Not sure why you brought up Newt, a has been politician, but McCain and McConnell need to find a new line of work, along with Reid and Pelosi and all the other “career” politicians.


    • Term limits may in fact what we need. I’m sort of agnostic about that, but I care about public financing of campaigns – our congress critters don’t govern; they have to fund raise all day. So they can get elected and elected and elected – forever.

      I agree re getting more citizen legislators. We need people who’ve lived in the real world and grappled with the things we deal with every day.

      But as insidious as the career politician is, the campaign managment industry may be worse. They’re the ones pushing the eternal campaign – because they want to keep working and keep those contracts going and not just in some ‘archaic election season’.


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