Rally to Restore Sanity

Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert are cooking up some funny. October 30, 2010 – the National Mall in Washington DC. It’s apparently real. Stewart showed some of the signs that will be avilalbe for waving. 

MY FAVORITE: “I’m not afraid of Muslims, socialists, immigrants, gays . . . (flip over) but I am kinda scared of spiders”

Ahh, Colbert is on now . . . we will apparently have dueling rallies.

Rally to Restore Sanity: Knock it down a notch for America

Keep Fear Alive Rally: Freak out for Freedom

8 responses to “Rally to Restore Sanity

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  4. Oh, I’d like to go! Chris M. was pushing the event yesterday – and will keep doing it next month.. imagine how awkward Stewart will feel – suddenly being a real political force.. perhaps even tipping races and midterms.. this is great stuff.

    “I disagree with you – but I’m pretty sure you’re not Hitler!”


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  6. Seems cool. If I lived on the east coast, I might go (I live in Oregon).

    I wonder if this rally could focus on what objectives we want the country follow the tone could be improved in our public debates.

    There’s not much ability to see shared idea about the good of the country today as compared to the past. Both the left and right are accusing each other of being in favor of tyranny, and wiping out plain folks.

    I tend think folks in both camps (at least mostly) don’t think like that.

    I hope most people could favor:

    1. rising tide that raise all economic boats;
    2. equal opportunity, that includes better results for all as well as opportunity;
    3. isolating extremists who want to religious and national wars culminate in violence;
    4. Security both physical and economic, without giving away our freedoms;
    4. others.

    The details of how to get to these broad objective will always divide people, but at least agreeing we all favor some good ends could make the debate more civil and sane.


    • Bruce, I absolutely agree with you – we all yearn for some cooperative action to help us deal iwth the country’s problems.

      But I think you left out something very important: advancing human rights and tolerance.

      Our entire history has been about expanding human rights and actually legistlating progress in tolerance. Whatever people’s attitudes toward specific issues (today’s would be maybe illegal immigration and muslims in America) might be, over the arc of history, we have a remarkable and proud record on human rights and tolerance. They’d be added to my list.


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