Eating their own . . . again

Look what Sarah Palin and the Tea Party have wrought in thier primary victories. (per Nate Silver)

Delaware is a blue state, and the electoral prospects of Mr. Castle and Ms. O’Donnell there are wildly divergent. Whereas Mr. Castle is nearly a 95 percent favorite against the Democratic nominee, Chris Coons, according to last week’s FiveThirtyEight forecasting model, Ms. O’Donnell would have just a 17 percent chance of winning a  race against Mr. Coons.

10 responses to “Eating their own . . . again

  1. How is it “eating their own?” Castle was not in any shape or form a conservative, which is why the old timers in the GOP considered him a decent candidate in Delaware.


    • The seat goes to a Democrat. Castle always voted with the Republican caucus. To me that qualifies as shooting yourself in the foot. After all, this is the Republican primary and you only get to put one person up against the Dem. She is the weakest one. How does that help conservatives?


  2. The seat may go to a Dem, true – though don’t count on that. Many of us would rather see that in the case oh-so-Blue Delaware than to allow the GOP to think it can continue sliding to the left and thereby leaving we, the People only a false choice between parties.

    Of course I don’t think we could have taken the Senate anyway, so I feel there’s room to work with in those races and am concerned about the House.


    • There is value in having strong resistance movements. It’s dynamic and often brings much needed new thinking to the mainstream. But this is a little unique because demographically the GOP is already in danger of shrinking badly – and without an umbrella national party, I don’t know how any of the wings can gain part of the power.


      • We will have to wait until November to find out how it goes overall.

        Remember though that the Dems have lost the confidence of the primary bases – Blacks, Hispanics, and Homosexuals and have failed to deliver on the various promises despite having total control of Congress and the White House.

        Everything is “in play” at this particular moment.


        • Actually, I agree with you that it’s all in play right now even though I do believe the GOP forfeited Delaware last night.


          • Given the fact that O’Donnell has gotten $600K in contributions just since the results came in, I’m not sure that she’ll lose vs. Coons. I really don’t think any of the old paradigms of US politics are going to work anymore.

            In any event though, you’re right; the GOP as they exist now, has lost Delaware irrespective of whether or not O’Donnell wins the seat.


            • Well, the buzz tonight among our esteemed narcissistic tribe-of-talkers is that no matter what, the woman has her some real political presence. She’s good on her feet. That may raise her numbers a bit, but the danger lurking is her finances. Apparently C.R.E.W. is on it and there are lots of questions.


              • Yeah, let them attack her for not being a well-funded “fat cat” and see how Americans respond to that. 😉


                • More like attacking for the fact that she never seems to have supported herself, so where does her income come from (well that’s an awkward verbal construct!)

                  Anyway, I dooubt the ‘homosexual base’ of the Dems amounts to any kind of measurable vote, espeically since Republicans are also gay and belong to the Log Cabin Republicans. (don’t even want to know why they named it that, but there have been rumors – ill-founded I beleive – about Lincoln.)


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