Friday again

It’s been quite a week:

  • Glenn Beck turned from a populist demagogue into our very lord and savior come back to earth to teach us a new history of western civilization;
  • a disturbed man saw a gap in programming at the Discovery Channel, so he grabbed his guns and bombs and headed off to have a chat with them – it ended badly;
  • caterpillars ate a pretty green shrub near my front door;
  • the Iraq War is over;
  • the Iraq War is not over;
  • and my 98-year old father has found yet another new reason for living (don’t ask).

(And since we’re measuring increments of time here,  how about this little measurement: today is the 330th day of the ninth year of the war in Afghanistan.)

We may need more than an oldie today. A laugh? Yeah, a laugh. So, before we go all sing song . . . this is only a minute, do not let your eyes wander and pay close attention.

10 responses to “Friday again

  1. To make it complete there should be a mouse on the other side of the window looking for the cat. OR are you really having that kind of day???


  2. A stray came by a few months ago, and my wife put some food out for it. That cat has since gone to cat Jeebus, but not without leaving a half dozen semi-feral offspring roaming my property. They scatter at any sign of human activity, but they still have their expectations. If the wife is slow in feeding them, one sits on the welcome mat, knocking on the door every couple of minutes. Of course, he still flees with the rest when the door finally opens. The video made me think of him (her? I can’t even get close enough to find that our).


  3. So, Moe – what’s your father up to?


    • Heh! He is working with a personal trainer (dont picture gyms, we’re talking five minutes twice a week working on calf muscles) – but that’s not it.

      A grandaughter is about to have a daughter and we just found out a grandson has a 16 year old son of his own whom he met a month ago and now has custody of. Apparently my nephew found out about this boy 9 years ago, and began looking for him then. He kept at it and never told anyone. When he located him, as he’d feared, the boy was being moved in and out of foster care because the mother was unstable. Within four days, the court had given him full custody and a new family is now forming back home in Connecticut. I”m fiercely proud of my nephew; my father just can’t wait to meet the kid. There will always be something and he will live to 108 and my siblings and I will be those freaks of nature – the elderly burying an ancient parent!!!


  4. Wow.. strong story. Those kind of things that can really turn your life around.. Was it an old girlfriend or just some casual aquaintance? Must be a real tough job fixing the kid – probably lots of strains, or maybe not, who knows.. some just bounces off mostly everything. But hope he adjusts slowly but surely in the coming years.

    And 108.. welcome to the new world of biotechs.. next century we’ll all live to 150.. replacing parts and reversing natural cell-aging. Just a matter of time.. by then people are stuck with life forever! AND their parents!!


    • The kid has all sorts of problems, mostly to do with being behind in social and academic development. So far he seems to be emotionally okay and is by all accounts thrilled with his new life and fascinated iwth having a father. He’s got his own room, a computer, a cell phone and has been enrolled in HS and will have a tutor. Even with that being said, the novelty will wear off and my nephew has a challenge ahead. The mother was apparently a girlfriend of a month or so when he was in the service. I’ve no idea how he found out about the boy after so many years.

      As for longevity – suffice to say my parents made it to their 68th anniversary, their parents made it to 55th and 59th and her grandparents made it to 64th. But they – and thier ancestors – were the survivors of thier generations, they were strong and didn’t succomb to childhood diseases etc. as did osme of their siblings. Later generations – us – are differnt in that we survived it all with medical help so we’re not necessarily preselected for longevity.

      And now I should snap out of it and go jump in the pool!


  5. Hm.. generation survivors.. more new stuff to think about. We take it so for granted these days – that medicine fixes everything.. And a bit puzzling to imagine the “natural” state for humans is to watch maybe half of your breed die as little kids.. probably without too much emotional damage or even thought. Just how it is.

    And a challenge w “reunion” – think you’re right. Could be some clashes of expectations vs. reality after a while. But it’s still a strong “real-life” story, which makes a certain impact. The kid is given a rough start on things.

    think I’ll go jump in my imaginary pool and snap out too!


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