Earl is comin’ for the gays

See, God talks to me through my back teeth, right here.

God keeps having to send hurricanes to the U.S. to punish us for not stoning our gays to death – this time it’s Cape Hatteras again. Who knew they were such sinners?

13 responses to “Earl is comin’ for the gays

  1. Hmmmm…Obama just gets back into DC and a hurricane is en rout towards it. I don’t think it’s the queers who’ve stirred up divine wrath. 😉


    • I hear the on Saturday Beck had the infamous Rev. Haggee (Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon!) on stage with him. So maybe another reason for the diety to send Earl up the east coast – lots of catholics there 🙂


  2. Here’s another for you

    Focus On The Family: Anti-Bullying Efforts Are A Gay Front


    More stupidity from the right, a bottomless well of stupid.


  3. They’re not entirely wrong in their assertion, Brian. A lot of the “anti-bullying” efforts have morphed into pushing acceptance of gays instead of just tolerance towards them.


  4. A lot of the “anti-bullying” efforts have morphed into pushing acceptance of gays instead of just tolerance towards them.

    And this is problematic because?


    • Soon there will be no one left you can beat up! What’s the point of being a right wing nut bag if you can’t lynch or fag bash?


    • Simply put, it’s problematic because it is an attempt to violate people’s religious and moral beliefs. Indoctrination intended to foster some sort of social engineering is almost invariably wrong. It rarely matters what the goal is.

      But, if you like telling people what to think and believe and to enforce those ideas through some form of coercion or fiat, I suppose you’d see no problem with it – as long as you agreed with the social engineering goals involved that is.


  5. jonolan – ‘pushing acceptance’ as you phrased it is different from teaching tolerance how? I can still disapprove of someone I am tolerant of because I recognize thier human or civil rights to my tolerance.

    And as for social engineering, all of western civilization is a millenial long experiment in social engineering. We invent rights all the time. We legistlate behaviors all the time, and we evolve our cultural norms to broaden what is acceptable and what is not. Women’s rights, abolition, voting rights, etc were all social engineering.


    • There’s a big difference between telling kids that it’s wrong to harass or bully people because they’re queer and telling them that it’s wrong to disapprove of homosexuality and homosexuals. That’s a line that a lot – not all – these anti gay bullying programs have crossed.


  6. [telling them that it’s wrong to disapprove of homosexuality and homosexuals. ]

    But that’s exactly where the social engineering begins . . . society develops new attitudes about what is right and what is wrong. But the quesiton that matters to us as a society is not what individiuals do or feel but what attitudes affect public policy. Plenty of people probably still think a woman’s place is in the home (I know some of them actually), but public policy today no longer makes allowance for that – when I was a teenager, it was the norm. Young women today would be simply astonished at how differenet it was. By virtue of decades of legislation opening up more and more areas to women, we have indeed ‘socially engineered ‘ something from the norm to the exception.


  7. Exactly, Moe, though your example is a loaded one – I assume deliberately so.

    It’s not the place of the school system to contravene the moral and/or ethical teaching of children’s families and churches. They should stick with explaining and enforcing policies against antisocial behavior based upon this application of those teachings.

    I would certainly never tell a Christian’s child the homosexuality was acceptable behavior, but I would tell him that it was not just cause for bullying a student known or thought to be queer and that he or she could expect to be punished for doing so while under my care.


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