Bob Herbert is the goods

Long time NY Times op-ed columnist Bob Herbert (he’s been there forever, but resists the trappings of stardom) departs from his usual measured tone today and goes after Glenn Beck. He says a lot of obvious and sensible things, as  is his wont. This line, especially, sings:

“He makes you want to take a shower.”

7 responses to “Bob Herbert is the goods

  1. The event is being streamed on Facebook, now we know how many sheep you can get around the reflecting pool!


  2. Wow, what a great Op-Ed!

    I’m just concerned because to become popular people have to be “liked” by their fans. What sort of demographic subscribes to this guy and his mendacity? I mean, a reasoned look at most of his arguments would reveal their specious nature quickly.


    • Got to some day if you want a run down of the astonishing and blatantly untrue stuff that comes out of Beck’s mouth – and that his fans just eat up and then regurgitate.


  3. Hebert gives Beck the undeserved benefit of the doubt:

    He seems oblivious to the real danger of his execrable behavior.

    I think he knows exactly what he’s doing. It is how people like him operate.


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