In August! In Florida!

We’ve had so much rain – four days pretty much non-stop – and so little sun this week, temperatures dropped to the point where last night it was much cooler outside than it was inside. So I ran around and opened all the windows and sliders, turned the AC off  (in August! in Florida!) and slept in a house full of fresh air and a lively little breeze.  Short-lived, but joyful. The house is closed up again; things were a little tacky this morning but what the hell. It was so worth it. A beautiful night.

The pool is near to overflowing and the water is approaching c-o-l-d. In August! In Florida!

That said, the sun is out for a while, the thermometer is moving back up and the deep summer doldrums seem to be upon me . . . feeling quite unbloggy. So lite posting until my mood alters.

Meanwhile consider this – as the body count goes up – today is the 322nd day of the ninth year of the war in Afghanistan.

2 responses to “In August! In Florida!

  1. It’s off topic – but why hasn’t Obama saved those miners in Chile yet?


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