Florida Results

We are always interesting!

In yesterday’s primaries, Republican voters turned out in much higher numbers than Democrats which was pretty much expected, but the numbers are quite remarkable. What that means for the general election – particularly for hte national offices – is very hard to judge. Primary elections pull heavily from the party bases, the most involved and motivated voters.

House of Representative (my district) – only a Dem primary as the Rep incumbent had no opponent. James Golden, a lovely man who doesn’t stand a chance against the wealthy and entrenched incumbent Vern Buchanan, won the primary. He’ll lose the election. He beat my neighbor Rick Eaton, a native and an environmental activist.

U.S. Senate Dem primary: Kendrick Meek, former Congressman, knocked out Jeff Greene, billionaire businessman, with a strong 57% vs. 31%. Greene spent tens of millions. Didn’t help.

US Senate GOP primary: Marco Rubio, tea party favorite (although he’s been distancing himself in preparation for the general) got almost 85% of the vote. Aside from his tea party affiliation, he’s also from the Miami/Dade metro area, is of Cuban ancestry and speaks Spanish – population in his home county was as big a deal as tea party. He beat a few no-names.

Ultimately this will be a race between Rubio and Governor Charlie Crist, newly Independent. Charlie didn’t have a primary so he comes into this relatively unbloodied. And he, like Sink, is very popular.


Florida Governor GOP primary: Rick Scott (felon billionaire) beat Bill McCullom, current Attorney General with long career of public service. Scott got 46.4% and McCullom had 43.4%. Too bad. Money did it.

Florida Governor Dem primary: Alex Sink, current FL State Treasurer beat Brian Moore with 77% of the vote. Looking stong for the general.

Florida Attorney General Dem primary: Two terrific candidates. Dan Gelber won over Dave Aronberg.

Florida Attorney General GOP primary: Pam Bondi won over two State officials.

On to November.

8 responses to “Florida Results

  1. Thank you, saves us foreigners from searching for details on TV. Glad the money didn’t ALWAYS win, perhaps there’s hope.


  2. Thank you, saves us foreigners from searching for the results on TV. Local newspaper doesn’t acknowledge Florida. Nice to know money doesn’t ALWAYS win.


  3. Interesting stuff.. Wonder if Democrats will vote for Crist in the end, to avoid Rubio.. influenced by your thoughts on Crist’s popularity – I think they probably will….
    And Rubio has dared to critize the no-to-everything gop tactics publicly, that won’t be forgotten soon.. can’t please all camps..

    But I really wanna see Crist in the Senate.


  4. Christ will attract a great deal of Dem support and votes. Depending on how Meek does in the next 45 days, Christ may very well attract most of the Dem money as well.


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