I made no provisions for this possibility

What’s a liberal to do when John Boehner (deliciously named “The Tan Man” by Ed Schultz) says something I agree with? Even more? What to do when John Boehner says something that Paul Krugman (a.k.a. the ‘shrill one’) has been saying for 18 months? A puzzlement.

3 responses to “I made no provisions for this possibility

  1. There’s lots about Geithner & Summers in The Promise… and not very good.. Besides,
    both Orszag and Romer said almost flat out they rejected the powers and policies of Summers. Their leaving was probably a big loss for main street and more fair distribution.


    • When Obama named them prior to the inauguration, my brother in law – a rich rich market guy and a big liberal – said “well, that’s it, Obama’s iwth the bankers.” He also said, “he’s just assured that he’ll be a one term pres. No way can those two clean things up.”


    • Interesting comments. And there went my last grain of trust in those guys.. Obama made a lot of bad mistakes the first year – but picking the wrong personnel might be the most serious.


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