This is what passes for stress in my life

I like four television dramas. Only four. They are all on at the same time. But if I stay up till 2:30 a.m. for the encores, I can see them all. I shall stay up until 2:30 a.m. And it will be worth it to see: Masterpiece Mystery: Inspector Lewis; Rubicon; Mad Men; The Glades.

Make that five. Louie.

UPDATE: Got a DVR upon counsel of commenters. It is a fine thing indeed.

8 responses to “This is what passes for stress in my life

  1. Moe, my love, you need to get a DVR box, go to sleep and watch them on your (itals) schedule.


  2. Although if that’s what passes as stress in your life…go for it!


  3. Anonymous is right; it will change your life. Not to mention the time you will gain by fast forwarding thru the commercials. We haven’t watched anything in real time in years. It gives one a sense of being in control which is hard to come by these days.


  4. Call Comcast…DVR box is about an extra $10/month. Well worth it, records whatever you want, you don’t need to even be in the neighborhood. Then the only stress is, “did I program all the episodes or only the new ones?” Take care, we’ll give hands on instructions.


  5. Yeah, you gotta have a DVR. We watch Rubicon (have no freakin’ idea what is going on!), Mad Men and Louis. Don’t watch MM, but sure with they would redo Upstairs downstairs, or Brideshead, or I Claudius. sigh….Or if I could afford to get the series on DVD. and had a DVD player. lol..


    • After last night’s Rubicon my thought was htat maybe they’re just getting a tad too coy. Like you, I really have no idea what’s going on, but I love the lead actor. I’ll watch him forever even if I never figure out the plot.


  6. The box from Comcast is the answer. If you get it and need help, just call.


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