Thank you PBS, thank you!

If I used every superlative at my disposal, I don’t think I could adequately describe what I was privileged to see last night. PBS broadcast the Lincoln Center production of South Pacific – live, with the original cast. The show, which opened about two years ago is about to finish its run. It won nearly every award there is. I never thought I’d have an opportunity to see it. But I did.

Thank you public television. Thank you the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. I’m richer today for having seen this last night. (And thank you Steve for insisting I watch.)

6 responses to “Thank you PBS, thank you!

  1. I’m half-way through a PBS 16-hour documentary on New York City and 400 years of history. Absolutely marvellous. Thanks PBS!


  2. I’m sure they’ll rerun it at some point if you get hte chance. Waht NYC documentary?


    • It’s a decade old – but so well produced. Here and here.
      Lots of Caro, and some fascinating motion footage from a hundred years ago. One pic slowly at a time, then rapid succession.. – and then… live film, and pure magic.
      People ran out of the first theatres in panic, as they thought the building was cracking apart..

      But back to your post – I’ll watch out for the re-run!


  3. I agree. It was brilliant. You should sent your post to Public Television.


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