Back to ‘who we are’

From the AP, via Huffington Post – I think this article is as thorough and fair a summary of the NY mosque controversy as I’ve seen to date.

“The center’s location, in a former Burlington Coat Factory store, is already used by the cleric for worship, drawing a spillover from the imam’s former main place for prayers, the al-Farah mosque. That mosque, at 245 West Broadway, is about a dozen blocks north of the World Trade Center grounds. Another, the Manhattan Mosque, stands five blocks from the northeast corner of the World Trade Center site.”

That says to me that the locality objection is made up and has no merit.

“But he’s made provocative statements about America, too, calling it an “accessory” to the 9/11 attacks and attributing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children to the U.S.-led sanctions in the years before the invasion. In a July 2005 speech at the Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Center in Adelaide, Australia, Rauf said, according to the center’s transcript: “We tend to forget, in the West, that the United States has more Muslim blood on its hands than al-Qaida has on its hands of innocent non-Muslims.” While calling terrorism unjustified, he said the U.S. has supported authoritarian regimes with heinous human rights records”

I would add that countless Christian and Jewish clergy as well as the Dahli Lama and others have said the very same things. The Pope loudly condemned the US invasion of Iraq.

I don’t care much about religion, I don’t feel one way or another about this imam, I have no doubt that millions of Americans are sincere in their objections (not Gingrich though). For me, this is about only one thing and that is the American tradition of inclusion and tolerance about which we brag to the rest of the world – and rightly so. We often don’t do it right at first, but we always get there. And we never stop trying to get there.

8 responses to “Back to ‘who we are’

  1. Well, that is only half true, Moe. The innocent people that died on 9/11 were our own people, American civilians. The people responsible for this unjust war are not Americans civilians. And for the most part, not American at all. George W. Bush the Puppet under orders from his Zionist masters overseas. Obama, on the other hand, is not a puppet. And that’s why Israel hates him. Don’t believe me? High ranking Israeli politicians have been quoted many, many times bragging about America the Puppet. Look it up.


  2. That the United States has more blood on it’s hands than the other way around. The United States as in the Bush administration and Zionists. Not the US people. We never done nothin to nobody, but we are the ones that get attacked, nonetheless. But overall, I agree with your thread.


  3. I guess I’m still not being clear… The “true” part is that the US gov. and Bush have blood on their hands. The “untrue” part is that the US as a whole does. We all hate Bush, even in Texas everyone does, why should Americans be blamed? I know where you are coming from, though. (Dont want u to think im tryin to nitpick)


    • Sam – as long as we pay taxes and elect our leaders, it’s done in our name. No getting away from that.


    • You’re too young to know this – in 1953, the CIA overthrew the democratically elected governemnt of Iran. It was a very modern country in those days, almost westernized. But the CIA didn’t like the leftist leanings of Moussadehk (sp?), the highly educated internationaly lionized president. We otherthrew him, installed the Shah, who became tyranncial over the years. So there was a religious revolution in 1979 (the one with the US embassy overrun and US hostages held over a year). Which brings us to Iran today, where the Ayatollah’s are still the supreme leaders.

      We did it to ourselves. If Iran had been allowed to succeed as a democracy, that ‘democracy in the heart of the middle east’ htat we invaded IRaq to acheive would have already been in place. And they would probably have been an ally.


  4. I guess I can see your point. I had no idea about Iran. I got some reading to do. In the mean time, I didn’t know that CIA Officials were federally ellected. I know we pay their salaries, but not elect them. We might, though. Either way it doesn’t matter, ’cause I sure they were following Presidential orders from (Eisenhower?). So, I know your right. But we have very little control as a people. That’s what I hate about Capitalism. We got power 1 day every 4 and 6 years, and we are at their mercy the rest.


  5. Sometimes one forgets the important things.

    For me, this is about only one thing and that is the American tradition of inclusion and tolerance about which we brag to the rest of the world – and rightly so. We often don’t do it right at first, but we always get there. And we never stop trying to get there.

    Brilliantly stated Moe. I sometimes focus on the negative a bit too much, but there are many aspects of American Society that still stand as a model to the world.


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