More rain, more mudslides coming

We are very fortunate. Below, a satellite image from yesterday of the Swat Valley in Pakistan. 20 Million people are affected (and this is right next door to Afghanistan).

Pakistan floods map

9 responses to “More rain, more mudslides coming

  1. “The monsoon rains that triggered the disaster are forecast to fall for several weeks yet, meaning the worst may not yet be over.”

    Reminds me of those mudslides in Bangladesh. One catastrophy after another. Floods, famine, diseases.. and with no oil or natural resources – no international interest..


  2. That G’damn G.W. Bush!!!! S.O.B.!!!!


  3. Just crossed my mind here – the Indus river was one of the four cradles of Civilization, along with China, Sumer/Iraq and the Nile. But it all disappeared and is often labeled “mysterious”. Now we probably know why.


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