I want to start over and be HER!

I love this girl. This woman. This person who has a brilliant future because she shed her past in a piece of brilliant performance art.  Meet the young woman who quit her job via email, most creatively employing a poster board . . . I’m pretty sure an exciting future awaits her.

UPDATE: Oh sadness, sadness, grief and tears – the story is a FAKE.  The link/slide show has gone viral with a million hits since yesterday, so it can’t be all bad, since this one was created for submission to a casting call. So still, good on her.

12 responses to “I want to start over and be HER!

  1. Wow. She’s pretty as well as talented. Anyway… I got something for you, Moe. I hope it works. I don’t plan to make a habit of bugging you with these links. I’m not the biggest fan of his Operas, but this man was brilliant. I found the collected works of Mozart. All his Operas, Symphonies, and Concertos. Everything. This website is extremely easy. No sign-up. Free. WMA format, download on site. Moe, please. You have to trust me. http://mozart-weltweit.de/


  2. She is AWESOME!!! “drumroll”-“Farmville” LOL!!! Her expressions were so cute. I would marry her in a heart beat. (As if I would be in her league.) Something tells me that this paticular “hopa” is going to be alright, indeed.


  3. A fake? Ahh! That is horrible. And to think, I said that I would marry her. 😦 I feel so… violated…


  4. Certainly easy on the eyes, but come on, no Goddess. And to think that this would take in so many people, I don’t get it .


    • When a woman calls another woman a godess she is not referring to physical beauty – she is referring to spirit, to boldness. And this kid is a very spirited person. Even though it turns out to have been an audition and therefore fictional it speaks to the secret wishes of millions of working people to say ‘take this job and shove it’. If you use Facebook, it’s especially funny.


  5. Ms. Holland,

    I believe that it takes far more courage not to do what this woman pretended to do. All of us would love to be in the financial position to quit a hated job or tell off a hated boss.

    What if you are not but, do it anyway. I’ve known a few that did . Then reality sets in and you move in with Mom and Dad, who can’t refuse you. Then you go to the bar, or whatever social resource you use and brag to your friends how you told your boss to take this job and shove it. In the mean time Mom and Dad are stuck with you and your wife and kids.

    Yep big man, you don’t take no crap from anybody. Now in fairness I separate this from someone who loses their job and has to lean on their family.


    • Oh dear, did your kids move back in with you?

      Many years ago, the offspring of one of my cousins (he had five kids) began moving back in after college ‘just for a while’. When the third one started making noises about doing it – my cousin and his wife just up and told the kids ot start looking for lodging, sold hte house, gave each kid a ‘stake’ from the sale and bought a 2-bedroom condo.


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