No grass grows under THEIR feet

I left home at about 11:00 am today. Just before I went out the door, “Breaking News” from CNN informed me that Sen. Ted Stevens perished in an Alaska plane crash.

It is now six hours later and I just turned on the teevee. Wolff Blitzer breathlessly tells me the ‘Breaking News’: Sen. Ted Stevens perished in an Alaska plane crash.

These people get big big salaries.

5 responses to “No grass grows under THEIR feet

  1. I have been trained by society to speak well of the dead. It didn’t take. Ted Stevens was the single most corrupt U.S. Senator of my voting life. He was a man to be bought quite cheaply.

    Even after he was proven to be on the take, he further disgraced the Senate by the Bush appointed prosecutor’s “mistakes” that would allow his conviction to be throw out with prejudice. Accidents like that seem to happen a lot around certain kinds of people…

    People like Ted Stevens prove that crime does pay, and very well at that.


    • And Tom DeLay dances with the stars while Billy Tauzin (the guy who bribed, threatened and forced votes on the House floor for three hours in a lame duck session to pass Medicare Part D with a ban on negotiating with drug companies) got to quit congress and go be prez of Pharma for two million a year). God bless America.


  2. I agree that Ted Stevens should be in jail and not dead. However, I beg to point out the difference on this board in opinions of Sen. Stevens and Congressman Wrangle.


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