Sneaking under the wire?

While Google and Verizon and the confused FCC along with a clueless Congress start fighting over “internet, freedom of”, I’m having some odd online experiences over the last week. Everything is slower, page loading is so slow I swear the browser forgets where it was headed. And suddenly I get a lot of ‘page not found’ moments, even when using a back arrow to return to where I just was. This is entirely new.

Anyone else?

At Kos today, an update of where things currently stand.

2 responses to “Sneaking under the wire?

  1. Yes. Alot of wierd stuff happening the past couple months …


    • You too? And now today wordpress has changed my theme without notice!

      Anyway, I really worry about net neutrality – I don’t want a future where it’s taking forevver to load your page, and a message pops up saying something like ‘click here for faster loading’ and it directs me to a paid service.


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