Let me entertain you

After channel surfing to confirm that once again the broadcast network news shows are reporting the exact same stories at the exact same time – and thus reassuring myself that their triple suicide pact is on track – I turned to the emails I get every week or so from friend Tom. He’s one of those who mass-forwards things about  being old or amazing pictures! – but he does it in batches. So I look.

Today he sent this. Thanks Tom.

7 responses to “Let me entertain you

  1. Whoa! You done up and switched themes? The “Coraline” theme, huh? I like the Vostok theme, also. This one seems “neater”, for whatever reason. Anyway… Yeah, I have to have my own retreat from cable news. MSNBC had a story on today obout mummies. Oh, but Fox had a good show on the day before about that Muslim that had his 2 daughters “honor” killed for dating hispanic boys. Did you catch that? Fox News was dogging that guy! Did you see that one? I was like, Wow! That dude was throwed! What a low life.


  2. Wow. Maybe they discontinued the other theme and switched you to this one? And they dropped your Gravatar? That stinks. I uploaded my picture for my blavatar and it STILL doesn’t show up. I know how it is. Anyway, correction. The mummy story was on CNN, not MSNBC.


  3. Oh, CNN was running some story on some mummy found in Bahariya Oasis. A 3 foot tall Roman era mummy recently discovered. If it’s from the Roman Era, then it’s probably an African. Despite what Afrocentricity and Eurocentricity teaches, the mummies of Egypt became progressively African as time continued, and Egypt became more of a melting pot. The former claims that the egyptians were always black, based on ancient heiroglyphics. Despite the fact that the ‘earliest’ mummies were found with chestnut hair!


  4. The latter tends to downplay the contributions of Black Egyptians despite the fact that they were there from the beginning and most likely built the pyramids. I speculate that Egypt was not under majority rule, and that European invaders made up much of Egypt’s ruling class until finally being overtaken somewhere around 5th century B.C. This view seems consistent with the facts and the tendacies of European/African interaction overtime.


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