Your tax dollars at work

Again, Harpers Index April 2010:

Average number of arrests made each year since 2001 by all 4,000 Federal Air Marshalls combined: 4

Federal spending- per- arrest that this represents: $200,000,000.

2 responses to “Your tax dollars at work

  1. Of course, the sort of person that is obsessed with “security” is the sort of person that would see a dozen men hung rather than let a guilty man “escape justice.”

    Similarly, they would rather bomb thousands than let a single “potential terrorist” roam the streets of some deserts village mumbling something about Israel.


    • Their ‘media’ keeps the drumbeat going . . . be afraid! be very afraid! And the ones we’re to fear always changes over time. So long as it’s “the other”.

      And this fake idea of ‘keeping us safe’ by doing things like spending 9 years in AFghanistan and 7 in Iraq – dreams, pure dreams. And useless. This is what we ask kids to die for.


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