That’s our future with Afghanistan. Afghanistan will go back to being Afghanistan whether we leave now or in five years. Or ten years. And all we’ll have accomplished is giving ourselves another Vietnam.  It didn’t have to be this way.  But we needed to go to Iraq, see . . .

Friggin’ Vietnam with better field medicine.

13 responses to “Lose/lose

  1. Invade a worthless hellhole full of religion-deranged illiterates with millions of assault weapons, and do so on the cheap, with far too few soldiers and zero planning. How could that possibly go wrong?


  2. Moe, if only “I” was running things. I would withdraw completely from the middle-east, issue a public apology to the Arab world, blame Israel, tell Israel that they get no more US backing, promise the Arabs that we will nuke anyone else that intervenes, light a cigar, and sit back and watch the fire-works! The Muslims are a threat, I admit, and it is well known how I feel about them. But Zionism sucks, and that land (Israel) is by all rights theirs. Oh, and I would also bomb Denmark. 😉


  3. You see, Moe, we are in a war with muslims. Do you know why we are in a war with muslims? Bush said it’s because they, *clears throat* “hate freedom”. Now, unless you don’t know, he lied. The reason is that we the people, America, the good old US of A, is ZOG. Zionist. Occupied. Government. All our leaders are hand-picked. All of them. America has one objective… Defend Israel at all costs! Christians in power think this is “God’s” will, and the Neo-Con Jews think that “God” gave them that land! BWAHAHAHA


  4. To think that in this enlightened age, where we can achieve just about anything we put our minds to, we are still fighting “Holy Wars”. Because that is what this is, Moe. We are ethnically cleansing Israel’s enemies under false pretenses. To think that the Taliban and the Muslim people are a threat to this American Superpower is beyond laughable. A cultural threat, maybe, but I’ve already covered that the other day. When will the fighting stop? How much longer will the Neo-Cons pull the strings? *spit*


  5. Ms. Holland,

    I know you think I just reflexively oppose every thing President Obama does, but that is not the case. I think it is sad that you so strongly disagree with our President, or that I actually mostly or partially anyway, agree with him on one issue.

    ” Lose/lose”

    ” That’s our future with Afghanistan. Afghanistan will go back to being Afghanistan whether we leave now or in five years. Or ten years. And all we’ll have accomplished is giving ourselves another Vietnam. ”

    This is from a speech at the Wilson Center that Senator Obama gave, 8/1/07

    ” When I am President, we will wage the war that has to be won, with a comprehensive strategy with five elements: getting out of Iraq and on to the right battlefield in Afghanistan and Pakistan; ”

    Other than the Iraq part I reluctantly have to agree with the man .


    • Alan, I agree with your (and Obama’s) sentiment re Afgahnistan but that’s all it is and all it can be. Afgahnistan cannot be ‘won’. it’s that simple to me and I think Obama is wrong to use the language of win/lose. He knows perfectly well how impossible the situation is.

      I never thought I’d see Vietnam again in my lifetime.

      D0 you agree that it was our turn to Iraq that ‘lost’ us Afghanistan?


  6. Obama is a Black Bush. He is no Socialist. Do you wanna know what the “sad” part is? You probably don’t, but I’m gonna tell you anyway. :p When Obama was elected the people of the World had “hope”. I had hope, too. And now, after less than half a term later, that hope is gone. Who is Obama? Black Face Puppet on a Jew String.


  7. I don’t want to sound anti-semetic, as I myself have some jewish ancestry on my mother’s side. The truth is, though, that a disproportionate amount of Jews control this nations wealth, as well as having a disproportionate amount of political power. The same is true for christians. These christians and jews are a plague to this nation because their loyality lies on a small stretch of land that used to be called Palestine. And these Zionists don’t care how much American blood is shed to protect it.


  8. Ms. Holland,

    ” D0 you agree that it was our turn to Iraq that ‘lost’ us Afghanistan? ”

    I thoroughly reject that Afghanistan is lost, or that Iraq was a bad idea. You know from my previous postings ” on another board ” that I agree with the Bush Administration that all terrorist fights are linked . Iran is our enemy in both theaters.

    I also reject that the Vietnam defeat was inevitable. Much of the trouble caused by Maoist and Soviet sponsored guerilla movements in Africa, Latin America, and Asia during the 70s, 80s, and 90s stem from that defeat. Even the rise of Islamic Terrorism was a partial result of American weakness.

    Well meaning peacenik idiots like Daniel Ellsberg have gotten more people killed in the long run than anyone can imagine.


    • Ellsberg didn’s show up on the scene until the last days of hte war. A war we tip toed into in Eisenhower’s administration and ended in Ford’s.

      You know what my problem is iwth Vietnam and Afghanistan? We have no idea how to fight these types of wars – and we lose them. We lost Vietnam after all those years. And we will ‘lose’ Afghanistan after 10-15 years and all that will have happened is Americans will have died.

      Please tell me how our actions in Afghanistan – or Iraq for htat matter – have kept Iran in check.


  9. Ms. Holland,

    I see no material difference between the Mullahs or Ayatollahs or whatever they call themselves in Iran, and Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin.

    History has shown what happens when you buy a false peace with these clowns.

    Just us being in Iraq and Afghanistan means that Iran has to slow it’s inevitable march toward total domination of the Middle East. For all of the crap we take from Egypt and Saudi Arabia, they really do not want us to leave them at the mercy of a nuclear Iran .

    But, as we show weakness and say we will abandon our allies, they will make deals with Iran to insure their survival .

    1930s America thought they could just ignore Japan and Germany . If we didn’t build arms we would be left alone . It was Europe’s problem . It was China’s problem.

    History will repeat itself .


  10. Change can’t be imposed by Government in a Box, it had to come from within.
    Last time I checked, US declared victory in Afghanistan in 2003 & we still stuck…in a much deeper shit…


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