I do not approve

It seems my President is going to be on “The View’. I wish he wouldn’t do that.

It’s fine for candidates. Presidents need to maintain a little more distance from the rest of us. He needs to learn that.

6 responses to “I do not approve

  1. Sorry Moe, can’t agree with you on this one, I like it when the prez is in campaign mode. This is a good way for him to rise above the noise from the right.


    • Then my friend, we shall disagree. I’ll add that I’ve never liked presidents in campaign mode, cuz I think they should be ‘presidentin”, which as George told us, ‘is hard work’.


    • AND, I like my presidents to put away party and be more all Head of State during their term(s). But of course, I dream.


  2. In a “calmer” time I might agree with you, but alas this is not one of those times.


  3. I completely agree. It diminishes his prestige at a time when his popularity is plummeting. His advisors are shockingly tone deaf and honestly just don’t seem to understand how to get this President’s message across in an effective way to the American people. I believe he needs to fire Gibbs and others involved with communications before it is too late.


    • Hi Evan
      – when he does stuff like this, it plays right into the right wing narrative. And while it may be true that he reaches an audience that he otherwise might not, it still feels inappropriate to me.


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