And a cell gathered . . . sshhh

A lovely evening last night with three friends joining me for dinner here. The raison d’etre for the gathering was to bring one guest up to date on a project we’re all part of. She’s been out of town for a few weeks and needed to get up to speed before Sunday, when we’ve scheduled a public event.

You didn't invite me!

Because our activities in this regard are explicitly political and our targets are a city commission – we want the city to pass a Human Rights ordinance – I expect our meeting could easily be called ‘conspiracy!!!’. That appears to be how it works today.

We are even part of a larger ‘movement, with an ‘agenda’.

Isn’t there a New Testament line where Christ says “wherever two or more are gathered in my name”, which he was encouraging? Sounds to me like a call to activism. I imagine Andrew Breitbart and Tucker Carlson and their indignant cohort would find it so.

Don’t tell them about the dinner party at my house last night. We even had pasta; oh, teh foreign!!

8 responses to “And a cell gathered . . . sshhh

  1. How was the pasta prepared?



    • Garlic, vidallia onion, grape tomatoes, mushrooms sauted in olive oil. Added some cooked brocholli and uncooked spinach. And then tossed in a bit of store bought marinara sauce (cheapest is best; Hunt’s at about $1.19). A lot of salt and pepper.

      Over penne. With salad and bread and beer (for them). Perfect dinner, and oh so commie, pinko, liberal!


    • Agreed on the sauce, and canned is better than what’s in the jar. I used canned sauce as my starter when I make big pot of sauce. Your dish sounds yummy.


      • During the swine flu scare (hysteria really) I put in a lot of staples. The Hunts sauce was on sale for 99 cents – hmm, keyboards don’t have cents signs anymore! – so I bought a bunch. And it’s so very good. Don’t buy anything else now.

        By the way, rarely mentioned, but the swine flu event was a huge success for our government. They did a superb job.


  2. Since you made the dinner can you now just stand with a sign or will you also have to yell at passersby.


  3. Are you going to be accused of violating the sunshine laws?


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